Party too hard in your Crush? Do you need a repair? We do try our best to accommodate most repairs made within 3 months of the order date (no exceptions) If you do not plan to wear your Crush right away, please inspect all areas of your suit and test for wear, fit and durability within this timeframe. All items will not be eligible after this timeframe. Repairs that are not worn within 14 days of delivery will be replaced at no cost, but may be subject to a return shipping fee. 

 Once worn without tags or liners etc. or after 14 days of delivery, repairs will be subject to a repair fee plus shipping charges. These repairs are limited to jewel defects, missing stone or stitching only and when worn following proper care. If your suit has not been properly cared for, no replacement options will be given. To apply for a Crush repair:

  • Please email us at
  • Include your original order number
  • Include detailed photos of your Crush and the damages for us to access

Your request will be reviewed by a Crush team member and someone will get back to you. 

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