Selvacci is an Italian designed luxury swimwear brand, made with exquisite Moroccan fabrics, created in USA.

We combine the elegant design from our capital of fashion, plus the exquisite quality of Morocco fabrics, and the great American power for distribution. Designed by powerful women for powerful women!

 Our designer Sandy Salazar originally from Spain, studied design with Angelo Russica (Dolce & Gabbana stylist) at his Milan fashion academy 'Milán Fashion Campus' in Italy. Since she was a kid, she modified her clothes herself, making them the way she liked best, designing and creating her own clothes, dreaming of one day being able to dedicate herself to it.

After all those years of experience we find that beautiful and trendy can be comfortable at the same time, we find very important the fit in our designs to create the perfect silhouettes and styles to empower you to your highest level. Our swimwear is handmade with love, from our hands to yours! Using nothing but the best-quality Moroccan fabrics and high end materials to always provide the best goddess feel.

Unlock the Selvacci goddess you have inside!!


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